Accessible Rubber Pathways for Adult Living Communities

FitWay™ Rubber Surfacing Pathways were developed for active seniors and to support increased, safer physical activity in assisted living communities.

Accessible Rubber Pathways for Safer Activity

What is FitWay? 

  • A hand-poured and troweled 2 layer system featuring a specialized attenuation bottom layer and unique top course layer
  • An effective, long-lasting, attenuating alternative
    to standard walking surfaces (concrete, natural earth)
  • A rubber pathway to practice walking exercises for seniors 
FitWay_Install Drawing_2021
FitWay Block

Falls and fall-related injuries represent a significant health and safety problem for adults of all ages. The findings suggest that adult fall prevention efforts should consider the entire adult lifespan to ensure a greater public health benefit.

Source: Falls and Fall-Related Injuries among Community-Dwelling Adults in the United States, 2016


Why FitWay?

Our system was developed in conjunction with Senior Care Professionals to provide a safer walking path to help senior fall prevention.

FitWay provides cushion to help prevent serious fall-related injuries in seniors.

  • Highly Accessible Rubber Pathways
  • Built to withstand mobility device traffic
  • Designable for inclusion of logos, directional patterns, and other helpful messaging

FitWay versus Standard Concrete

Testing Shows that FitWay is a Safer Alternative to Concrete Paths.  

Developed in conjunction with senior care professionals in 2018 to support safer physical activity in assisted living facilities, FitWay technology is similar to compliant playground surfaces that will withstand repeated traffic from mobility devices and provide a softer landing surface.  We tested FitWay Surfaces after installation and tests showed beyond complaint results based on ASTM Standards for Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials within Use Zones of Playground Equipment1.  While Senior Communities do not currently have regulations for surfaces, this playground specification establishes minimal performance criteria for impact attenuation while children are at play in public play spaces.  


Concrete Testing Chart
Source:  The Potential for Brain Injury on Selected Surfaces Used by Cheerleaders, 2009,

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